Fun Fabric Friday!

I started Fun Fabric Fridays last year, but during the winter months I started slacking. I think all the snowfall we got in the east coast really had me sad. No sun. No warmth on my skin. It was really depressing. Now it’s Springtime! The sun is out and I’m feeling happy again! What else makes me happy? Beautiful fabrics! I love taking different fabric combinations together for my clients to pick from and for me to make fun, unique bags!

Choose a style, design your look. Besides purchasing my pre-made handbags, you too can design your own bag. Pick a style that I have available from my Index and select from a variety of Fabric Combinations I have available (or mix and match other fabric combinations together) and I can have a bag or accessory ready for you! It’s that simple.

Here are a few combinations I have put together that are still available.

Fabric Combo Fabric Combo Fabric Combo Fabric Combo Fabric Combo Fabric Combo   Fabric Combo





























Why not have a whole collection made. Picture below shows the “Lola” messenger style cross-body, a checkbook cover, a cell phone wristlet and a JingGirl coin purse.





choose your style, design your look

Here’s an updated list of the different bag styles I offer. For more information on each bag click  JingGirl Bag Styles . You can also visit my Etsy site for any ready-to-buy items.

Without further ado here they are:


The "Aki" Everyday Bag

The “Aki” Everyday Bag

The "Sinclair" Messenger Bag

The “Sinclair” Messenger Bag

The "Jolie" Pleated Clutch

The “Jolie” Pleated Clutch

The "Lola" Crossbody Bag

The “Lola” Crossbody Bag

The "Bella" Beach Bag

The “Bella” Beach Bag

children's backpack

children’s backpack

The "Frankie Bella" half apron

The “Frankie Bella” half apron

Cellphone Holders

Cellphone Holders

It’s Sharing Time!

Hi all!

Wow! It really has been a while since i’ve been on my blog. It really is hard to keep up with all the social media outlets out there – FaceBook…Twitter…Etsy…this site. How do people do it and keep up with work and their daily lives? If you have any advice I would love to hear it! I think I need to hire a social media person. hmmm… 🙂

Even though the other day it was snowing here in Virginia Spingtime is here in my studio. All the pretty spring/summer fabrics out there has me going crazy buying it all up! If you haven’t checked it out yet I’ve been sharing new fabric combinations every Friday on Facebook. Appropriately called “Fun Fabric Fridays.” Check it out here: JingGirlGoods. Any of the fabric combos can be made into any one of my delicately handcrafted/handmade bags or aprons. Simply email me at

I’ve been getting emails from you all about your domestic and international travels and how your JingGirl bags have traveled alongside with you. You all lead amazing lives! I love it! So it’s your turn to share. If you would like to take a pic of your bag during your holiday I would love to see it. At the Eiffel Tower, perhaps? A customer of mine said that she purchased a wristlet for her daughter who lives in the United Arab Emirates. Wow! Another customer brought her little messenger bag to Japan. Amazing! Post a pic on JingGirl’s FaceBook page or email it to me. 🙂

Finally, I would love to share some of bags I recently made that are not on this site. Just something new I added to the JingGirl line. Hope you like them!

Backpack and Lola Bags

Backpack and Lola Bags

The Taylor Overnight Bag

The Taylor Overnight Bag

Half Apron

Half Apron

Miss you all! Happy Sharing!


Let’s make it pretty

JingGirl is gearing up for the Reston Market, May 5, at Lake Ann. It looks as though we have just about everything we need so now it’s time to be a little more creative like adding some finishing touches to a few things such as this white bed sheet to use as a table cloth (thank you Jenn for hooking us up).

So what could we do to make this plain white sheet pop with a little color?

Do what I love to do and get a bunch of remnants and make a fun, festive border.

Take a bunch of remnants (about 2 inches wide and any length will do). With the right sides together sew each of the shorts ends together making one very long piece,

take the border of the sheet and line it up with the length of your remnants (rights sides together) and sew about an inch away from the border. once sewn all the way around the sheet fold open your newly created border.

to give it a finished look turn the edge over of your board over (about an 1/2 an inch) to the back side and sew the hem.

The fabric colors do not have to match at all. Be creative and have fun with it! Soon you’ll be adding fabric boarders to just about anything you can get your hands on…pillow cases, plain table cloths, hem of a skirt.


Hope to see you tomorrow at the Lake Ann Reston Market!!


Get Ready Reston Virginia, Here We Come!

This is the fun part about starting a business, taking on new challenges and branching out in your own community.

It all begins May 5th!  Stop by the Reston Market where we begin a 5 month quest to bring home made goods to Restonians. 🙂  If you want to be in the know, Lake Anne’s Reston Market is an open air market where you can find our booth on display every Saturday AM.

We are so excited! Testing our ideas and seeing people’s reactions will help us evolve our collection.  Without further ado, Alessandra Ricci, Dania Abimourched, and JingGirl would like to show you some of our featured goods.

Turn off  your computers and come visit us!

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Let them have paint!

If you are looking for a really unique bag don’t look any further. Every artist needs a canvas so why not let the canvas be a bag? Here is what my artist friend, Alessandra Ricci, came up with after I sewed up a Birdie Sling bag for herself and an Everyday JingGirl bag for her daughter.

Check out more of Alessandra’s work here: She is truly an amazing artist.